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While managing the different settings on your Android, you might occasionally have problems finding the right option among all the available features. Power Toggles is a tool that gives you access to all basic and advanced settings so you can edit them at any time with just a couple taps to the screen.

All the settings that can be modified with Power Toggles are divided into widgets and options. In the first case, you have your start screen, notifications bar, and folders, which all feature on your home screen. From here, you can organize the position of all your apps, change the size of the icons, customize the background theme, and change the button color, for example.

The toolbar is divided into statistics and options. In the latter you'll see every single configuration that comes included in your device, all the general options, the battery power, double-click settings, and options related to the on/off switch. The double-click options can help with activating WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and data syncing, requiring only a couple taps to the screen.

The connectivity adjustments include more advanced options related to your Internet connection, screen brightness, battery, GPS, flash, auto-sync blocking, font size, and screen lock. From here, you can establish exactly which options you want for each section, allowing you to better utilize your device.